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With the aim of utilizing the ideas for the specification study of a City OS for Bang Sue area, a data platform planned to be deployed in the smart city development around Bangkok Bang Sue Grand Station as well as of the relevant smart technologies, we call for ideas for smart services that will make this project more attractive! Targeted fields are mobility, tourism, art/entertainment, energy, environment, healthcare, smart buildings, food and beverage, education, and others are widely welcomed. For more details, please click the link below.


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JV of Oriental Consultants Global and UR Linkage (person in charge: Osawa, Nomoto and Shimizu)



SmartJAMP(2021) Demonstration Experimental Implementation Study on the Introduction of MaaS for the Realization of Smart City in Phuket, the Kingdom of Thailand


Phuket, which is known as a world-class tourist destination, lacks a convenient public transportation system, causing tourists to rely on private vehicles and leading to congestion and traffic accidents. With the goal of developing a smart city where both residents and tourists can enjoy public transportation and other integrated public services, this study conducts a Proof-of-Concept (or PoC) of MaaS, studies on smart cities and its platforms, and capacity building for implementing organizations. As the PoC of MaaS, an application for smartphons is developed and it provides integrated information on public transportation routes and events. Anonymized usage record and user questionnaire are analyzed and proposals on smart public transportation system is to be developed.



SmartJAMP(2021) Feasibility Study on Capacity Building and Fulfilment for Project's Promotion Structure in order to Realize Bang Sue Smart City in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand


In Bangkok, Thailand, Japan has long supported the Bang Sue Smart City development project planned around Bang Sue Grand Central Station, which is newly developed public transportation hub. This study provides the project with a series of specific as well as comprehensive supports such as the advisory service on the project implementation structure, implementation plan of asset management company (AMC), business structure of smart service company (SSC), basic requirements to develop city OS and capacity building on smart city project planning and implementation, so that it will help realize the Smart City concept proposed for this area by JICA in 2020.



SmartJAMP(2021) Pre-feasibility Study on the Introduction of Smart Buses and, 5G and other technologies for the Realization of Smart City in Chonburi, the Kingdom of Thailand


Amata City Chonburi, one of the largest industrial estates in Thailand, is a model region for the Thailand 4.0 vision of transitioning to a society that creates new added value by accelerating the digitalization of the economy and society. The infrastructure for the use of information and communication technologies, such as 5G, is being developed, and here could be the fields for the demonstration of these technologies and new transportation systems, such as smart buses. However, further studies on how to utilize these technologies are required with the aim to be an advanced industrial city with high added value. In response to the above requests, this study will examine the smart city in Chonburi by introducing these technologies (5G, 4K broadcasting, and smart buses)