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As part of the study of the City OS in Bang Sue Smart City, an Ideathon was held in September and October 2022 to solicit a wide range of innovative smart service ideas to help Bang Sue Smart City become a smart city development in line with its vision. The following shares each of the awarded ideas from the Ideathon.

Grand Prize (Japanese syllabary order)

Gekidaniino G.K. 「5km/h micro autonomous mobility service
in the pedestrian area」

●Company introduction
Gekidaniino is a startup designing new mobility experiences through our 5 km/h autonomous mobility “iino”. We provide mobility services with “type-S” driving in pedestrian spaces and “type-R” specializing in experiential content.

●About awarded idea
“Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal Sky Deck is like an another planet!!”
This service provides transportation functions and experiential content through autonomous mobility vehicles traveling at a speed of 5 km/h.
The station deck will be like a moving walkway to improve circulation and create a lively atmosphere. Furthermore, experiential content is customized according to user attributes and purchase history data. The service is automated using a 3D LiDAR, and can be remotely controlled and integrated with other transportation networks through linkage with the City OS.


●Company introduction
PASCO is a geospatial information service company. We provide “Remote Sensing” and “Onsite Sensing” together with “Analysis Technology” which leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, Geographic Information System (GIS), image processing, and others. We are expanding geospatial services to answer the growing demand for the new era of Digital Earth.

●About awarded idea
PASCO proposes the idea to collect road data using MMS (Mobile Mapping System) Technology and network analysis to create an autonomous driving route for the smart public transportation system covering the Bangsue Smart City. This idea will make a safer, more sustainable, and more efficient public transport system. MMS 3D data can also be applied in several fields e.g., road asset management, road design, and road safety according to the concept of urban development to be Smart Mobility.

Excellence Award (Japanese syllabary order)

Zenmov Inc. 「Realization of PRT (Primary Rapid Transit)」

●Company introduction
Zenmov develops SMOC, IT solutions that support public transportation and shared mobility. We develop MaaS business mainly in Japan, targeting Southeast Asia and other countries in the world.

●About awarded idea
In Bang Sue, Zenmov proposes to realize PRT(Primary Rapid Transit)* with its traffic control system, SMOC. This will make the area more convenient and attractive.
*Transportation method in which small, eco-friendly vehicles provide optimal dispatch in accordance with travel demand.

Bang Sue Grand Innovation Alliance(Intelligence Design Inc.,scheme verge Co., Ltd. and Kohei Ichikawa)
「”LX for You”: Bang Sue Grand Pass as Lifestyle Transformation Platform」

●Company introduction
Intelligence Design
We provide a service that digitizes the flow of people and vehicles as real data,
which is required in the data-driven era that will begin in earnest.

scheme verge
We make travel destinations and places to live more attractive by improving of the entire area’s experience using data & AI.

Koihei Ichikawa

Ichikawa is a PhD. student in the Department of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo.
While working as an algorithm engineer for AI, Ichikawa is engaged in the basic research in neuroscience with the dream of integrating the brain and machines.

●About awarded idea
Proposal of lifestyle transformation (LX) through advanced ID linkage. Rather than simply utilizing the data for optimization and efficiency, we precisely identify the need of world’s VIPs of cutting-edge value system and create a high-value profitable smart city.

Judges’ Special Prize (Japanese syllabary order)


●Company introduction
Based on the vision of Good Ethical Company, Semba provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process of space design and construction for a wide range of clients, from commercial facilities to offices, hotels to educational facilities, and promotes Ethical Design by considering all processes from the perspective of being “future friendly.

Nagase Thailand Co., Ltd. 「Intelligent Mobility Ecosystem」

●Company introduction
NAGASE (THAILAND) CO., LTD., founded in 1989, is a leader in innovative products and solutions for specified industries. We provide the industry-leading plastics and materials for the automotive supply chain. With the successful stories in Thailand, we are transforming our business to a hybrid business model that offers advanced technology and provide professional services for creating a sustainable future.

Other Finalists (Japanese syllabary order)


「Assets management service with accurate and intelligence Algorithm」

 Infilight Co.,Ltd (Jordsabuy)  「JSB Mobility HUB Service at Bang Sue Area」

Museum of Nurture「Museum of Nurture」

Urara Watanabe, SEMBA CORPORATION 「Wellness Smart City Concept through Mobility Device Development」

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 「Easy to Go」

 NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd. 「From Smart Lighting to Smart City Solutions」



Smart JAMP(2022) Study for the Realization of Smart City in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand


In Bangkok, Thailand, Japan has long supported the Bang Sue Smart City development project planned around Bang Sue Grand Central Station, which is newly developed as a public transportation hub. In order to realize the smart city concept prepared by JICA in 2020 for the development around the station, this study collects ideas on smart services by holding the City OS Ideathon at Bang Sue Smart City and propose specifications for the implementation of the City OS in the area. In addition, a series of specific and comprehensive support for the realization of the smart city is provided by sharing case studies on the promotion of large-scale mixed-use urban development in Japan and providing knowledge for the establishment of the smart city implementing organization (Smart Service Company).


Smart JAMP (2022) Study toward Smart City Realization in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand
Smart JAMP (2021) Feasibility Study on Capacity Building and Fulfilment for Project’s Promotion Structure in order to Realize Bang Sue Smart City in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand



Smart JAMP(2022) Study for the Realization of Smart City in Phuket, the Kingdom of Thailand


This study is for smart development in the transport sector of Phuket、Thailand, a world renowned tourist destination, to facilitate comfortable and convenient movement on the island for tourists and residents alike.
Specifically, traffic data acquired from AI imaging analysis of CCTV data and probe data will be integrated with probe data to calculate optimal routes; this proposed technology is expected to reduce travel times and traffic congestion. The results of analysis will be provided to drivers via a MaaS application and information boards, and a technical study will be conducted on how to present the information to drivers in addition to identifying the legal restrictions for private sector use of public CCTV data.


Smart JAMP (2022) Study for the Realization of Smart City in Phuket, in the Area the Kingdom of Thailand
Smart JAMP(2021) Demonstration Experiment of MaaS for the Realization of Smart City in Phuket, the Kingdom of Thailand



SmartJAMP(2021) Pre-feasibility Study on the Introduction of Smart Buses and, 5G and other technologies for the Realization of Smart City in Chonburi, the Kingdom of Thailand


Amata City Chonburi, one of the largest industrial estates in Thailand, is a model region for the Thailand 4.0 vision of transitioning to a society that creates new added value by accelerating the digitalization of the economy and society. The infrastructure for the use of information and communication technologies, such as 5G, is being developed, and here could be the fields for the demonstration of these technologies and new transportation systems, such as smart buses. However, further studies on how to utilize these technologies are required with the aim to be an advanced industrial city with high added value. In response to the above requests, this study will examine the smart city in Chonburi by introducing these technologies (5G, 4K broadcasting, and smart buses)


Smart JAMP(2021) Pre-feasibility Study on the Introduction of Smart Buses and, 5G and other technologies for the Realization of Smart City in Chonburi, the Kingdom of Thailand