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SmartJAMP(2021) Pre-feasibility Study on the Introduction of an Automatic Traffic Control System for the Realization of Smart City in Davao, the Republic of the Philippines


Davao City’s Smart Traffic System (STS), which was introduced to reduce road traffic congestion, requires updating as it has become operationally inefficient due to the increase in traffic and aging.
The purpose is to propose a new system that overcomes the operational and maintenance challenges of the current STS based on reviews of the current system.
Outline of the Study
Davao STS consists of vehicle sensors, CCTV, traffic signals, etc., and most of them are installed at the intersections in the CBD area of the city. It is over 10 years since they were installed, and as a result, some of them are not working. Therefore, an introduction of a new traffic control system with a real-time traffic management ability is proposed. Moreover, a plan for practical use of traffic data from CCTV and other sources is also proposed



SmartJAMP(2021) Pre-feasibility Study on the Utilization of Mobility Data for the Realization of Smart City in Cebu, the Republic of the Philippines


In Cebu City, traffic congestion is getting serious due to spreading rapid urbanization. To improve the traffic situation, development of road infrastructure, BRT, and traffic signal control systems have begun. Furthermore, Cebu City, has a concept to develop a transportation application that will provide travel information to residents and visitors. Hence, the Study aims to understand the traffic situation in the city by using AI image analysis technology as a big data approach and to verify its effectiveness. Also, it will identify the issues and needs in the field of transportation in Cebu, and propose a transport apps and data platform as the solution.