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SmartJAMP(2021) Master Plan Study for the Realization of Smart City in Banyuwangi, Republic of Indonesia


Based on the Smart Kampong Master Plan formulated in 2016, we will propose the fields and the implementation programs, as the direction of a new plan based on social conditions, needs, and the status of the current plan's initiatives.
At the same time, we will select important fields for action and propose specific programs and solutions related to these fields with a view to utilize of Japanese technologies.
Specifically, initiatives related to "tourism", which is a major industry, "SMEs" and "infrastructure" that support it will be selected as priority fields, and support programs will be proposed. We are proposing programs such as the development of integrated applications to support regional tourism, related infrastructure development, promotion and sales support of SMEs using IT technology.



SmartJAMP(2021) Pre-feasibility Study on the Construction of a Multimodal Transportation Platform for the Realization of Smart City in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia


Various modes of transportation such as MRT, LRT and BRT have been providing public transportation services in Jakarta. Hailing services like Gojek and Grab have become popular among the residents. The variety of modes have been operated by multiple stakeholders including the central and local governments and private sectors. However at present each transport mode provides its own transportation service and they are not integrated. Integration of these transportation services is required for efficient economic activities and sustainable economic growth. Development of multimodal transportation platform is urgently required; therefore, pre-feasibility on the development of the platform shall be examined. In addition, measures for shifting from private cars to public transportation shall be studied.